Yorkie North
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"Puppies From our Home To Yours"​​

Wejust had a litter of 4 little babies! We are asking $700 for our males and $800 for our females. The puppies are expected to be between 3.5lbs and 6lbs. We are very small scale breeders, our 4 Yorkies are our children. We are very proud of the temperaments of our puppies. We hope your new Yorkie will bring you as much joy as our Yorkies have brought to us! 

​​YES! we have puppies, check out our new adorable additions: Blue, Buzzy, Kate and Molly
​ Born: January 3rd 2015
Go Home:​ March 14th 2015


Call with any questions.

Shaunah Bryant
(231) 350-8063
Date Updated: 02/04/15

"Dogs are Not Our Whole Life, But They Make Our Whole Life"
-Roger A. Coras​